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Features Cutting angles  
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As you may have seen on the laser accuracy page you can cut any angle with the same accuracy on either side of the blade. Because the laser is on without operating the saw the material and the saw can be completely aligned using both hands before power to the saw is turned on.

Example: Laserkerf
You scribe an angled line on the wood from a project piece. You take the material to your saw and with one hand you move the wood in alignment with the beam while the other hand rotates the table to match the angle. You can clamp the material at this point if you desire or just make the cut.

Example: Blade mount
If you were to use a blade mounted laser guide you would first turn the power on with one hand. Then with the other hand you rotate the table. Rotating the table moves the wood so you reposition it but then the angle is not correct yet so you move the table which moves the wood. You continue to do this until you match the angle or figure that you are close enough and cut the wood.

Example: Eyeball method
You place the wood on the table and bring the saw down to the wood. You try to look across the blade and move the table and wood, as in the previous example, until you think you have it. But in the back of your mind you know that you are probably off just a little so you slide the wood over and cut. If the angle looks correct you nibble your way over to the line and make your final cut.

I used the "Eyeball" method for years with accuracy but also with frustration. I used the "Blade mount " method with the same accuracy and frustration but now add in safety issues of having the blade spinning. The "Laserkerf" method is so much easier, more accurate, faster and safer.


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