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Smaller and brighter with the same great ability to show you exactly where your saw is going to cut. The new installation CD comes with all the installation information plus a number of great software programs to make your future projects a snap. We have also added the ability to switch the power from AC to DC when you need to move your saw and AC is not available for the laser. Both the AC transformer and the DC battery pack are included in the kit. All this adds up to a great laser guide that is the most versatile, most accurate and safest laser guide for our saw. Find your saw on the saw list to see how it installs. It will change your cutting forever.

As an extra bonus the installation Disk contains some great programs and Excel applications to help you with your projects.

Perfect cuts start with knowing where the blade is going to cut. See how the laser beam fills the entire kerf.

The Laserkerf is the only retrofit laser that shows you the exact cut the blade will make

Who buys the Laserkerf for their saw; 30% professionals, 30% industrial, 40% hobbyist, people from every state in the US and every province in Canada and 31 other countries.

Editors, experts and customers from around the world all agree, the Laserkerf makes sawing faster, easier and safer.

The editors of ShopNotes reviewed the Laserkerf saw guide and had comments like: "Great Gear", "Easy Installation" and "Now with the laser on my saw, I don't have to eye-ball the cuts anymore. the laser not only improves my accuracy with my miter saw, it also makes the cuts easier, faster and safer.". Click here to see the review.

The editors of Wood Magazine
reviewed the Laserkerf saw guide and had comments like: "I could consistently split a pencil line regardless of which side of the blade I sawed on, even in bevel and compound cuts.". Please click here to see the review.

The Laserkerf is the high tech way to know exactly where your saw is going to cut before you ever turn it on. You know exactly what material is going to be cut away with the only laser that duplicates the kerf of your saw. You can cut on either side of your blade with the same exactness simply by placing the cut mark at the edge of the laser beam. There is no faster safer way to make the perfect cut every time. No other laser guide gets close the the features and accuracy of the Laserkerf.

Please take the opportunity to read thru the features that the Laserkerf provides and look at the installation photos for your saw. If you do not find your saw listed e-mail us with the model so we can help make determination about the installation.

Miter/Compound Miter saws and radial-arm saws just received a giant push into the 21st century with this retrofit laser. Accuracy, ease of use and greater operator safety are the hall-marks of this high tech, low cost, laser add on.

Laserkerf brings a radically new approach to cutting on the mark, the first time every time.

The laser beams width matches the kerf of the blade. The Laserkerf comes in the two most popular blade widths of 3/32"(Model 100) and 1/8"(Model 125)
You can use either side of the beam to align the cut mark.
The position of the beam is adjustable to assure perfect
alignment with the blade.
See below for a list of features and a comparison to other types of lasers on the market.
The Laserkerf is attached with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Setup only takes a few minutes.
Both AC and Battery powered models are available.

Listed below is a comparison of some of the features of the Laserkerf compared to the lasers that are mounted on the blade. For a more complete description of the features click here.

Laserkerf = L
Blade mounted laser = B

1. Marks both sides of the blade
2. Adjustable to exact position of blade
3. AC powered
4. DC Powered
5. Can cause vibration of the blade
6. Material can be aligned without the blade spinning
7. Saw guard open to see complete beam
8. Wood and table can be adjusted at the same time

See how the laser is installed on a miter saw or radial-arm saw.



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